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Rosina P. Rothman - Author, Illustrator, designer

Chelsea Sconce - Character Illustrator

Las Vegas illustrator, Chelsea Sconce, is a whimsical artist with a love of anime and Japanese art.  Chelsea’s creative flair and sweet design style bring the lovable characters of Sally the Shark to life through her watercolor illustrations. When Chelsea’s not drawing, painting or creating elaborate cosplay outfits, you can find her snuggling with her cat, Mr. Wilson, while watching Hayao Miyazaki films.


When Rosina Rothman’s daughter was just two years old she was deeply fascinated with sharks. She wasn't interested in the the cute animated kind, but rather the real-life, deep-sea dwellers with razor sharp teeth and a ferocious bite. Her favorite bedtime book was Sharks: Savage Predators of the Oceans. Her reading material often unnerved babysitters and her favorite cuddle toy, "Sharky," had a realistic, menacing grin and beady eyes.  She saw only the beauty in sharks, just as she saw the beauty in ballet. Rosina’s little shark-loving ballerina inspired the story of Sally, a sweet shark who just wants to dance and make friends.

Rosina is a Las Vegas native with a background in publishing and brand marketing. She was the editorial director for Modern Lounge Magazine and the creative director for the tween brand, Zodiac Girlz.  In addition to writing and designing Sally the Shark, Rosina has a passion for old Hollywood glamour and swooning over Jane Austen novels.

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